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Consultation Testimonials

After months of worry and pain with my lips, you virtually helped me fix it overnight.
:: Joy Sorgenfrei

Thank you so much for the wonderful hypnotherapy treatment you gave me for my problem in being a passenger in a car.

My trip to Brisbane with my daughter driving (which would normally be fraught with many arguments about being too close etc. etc.) was nothing short of miraculous! I felt totally relaxed and actually enjoyed the trip ........totally unheard of I can tell you. My daughter kept asking me what you had done to me! I said that you had given me some very important and useful messages and techniques.
:: Rosemary Callaghan

When I came to see you for treatment, it was because I was suffering from giddiness. I was being treated by conventional medicine, which did not work.

Since receiving your treatment I have suffered no giddy turns what so ever, which has given me more confidence to go out by myself. Also I am able to do gardening which I could not attempt previously. Thank you.
:: Dot Pascoe [75 years of age]

Thank you so much. It worked in two days. She is now an angel again.
I don’t know what we would do without you.

:: Nicole Bryer

Over the years, I have faced health issues including major surgery. I was committed to enabling the body to heal itself, with the addition of Naturopathy, Homoeopathy and Counselling.

As a busy woman with business and family, I have been able to ‘bounce back’ with enthusiasm and vitality with David’s treatment.
:: Pam Eaton

David conducted a series of 12 Life Coaching sessions for me. He is a skilled rapport builder and we moved quickly into key issues without me feeling vulnerable.

Through his sessions I was able to plan needed changes in my life and be motivated to enact them in a systematic way.

David’s sessions empowered me to feel capable and enabled me to determine new strategies in my life.
:: Stuart Bruce

Life Coaching and Holistic Counseling consultations with David has resulted in such a transformation in my life which I would have previously considered impossible for me to attain.

David has worked with me on a number of issues, especially on the perceptions and responses which had been holding me back. The most prominent being an incredible fear of driving and a fear of confrontation. Both of these served to immobilize me from living freely all my life.

David’s strategies, though challenging and gently confrontational at times, has empowered me to step out of my comfort zone, face my limits and to find strength to do whatever it takes, to have the life I prefer. He has inspired me to make changes which will help me to make a better life for me and my family.
:: Jean Thompson

David coaches and conducts himself in a way that lift’s my spirits. He has the ability to guide me and to challenge my thought processes. He has helped me to reframe negativity into positivity and limitation into opportunity.

This he does with confidence, humour and great equanimity.

Who needs Dr. Phil? David inspires and challenges me to empower myself.
:: Andrea Nottage


'Ignorance segregates - Yet knowledge, awareness and understanding UNITE!' :: David Kliese