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Course Testimonials

I have nearly completed the first unit and find the material like 'manna' from heaven!
:: Rose-Anna Wakefield

Thank you for this excellent course. It has been a catalyst for ongoing change in my life.
:: Perry Mardon

The study, learning and evaluation notes were priceless. I found them inspiring, fascinating and extremely well put together. This course, for me, is an absolute pleasure.
:: Carlo Pacione

This course is the most fulfilling and exhilarating work that I have experienced for a long time. It seems to have taken over all my waking hours. I am already noticing consciously the difference of viewing life, situations, my reactions etc. My vocabulary has undergone a remarkable change already. (after completing the first two units)
:: Elsa Parker

What a growing experience this whole course is!!
:: Carmel Ryan

"My spiritual growth has taken a grand leap since i began this course" Thank you David
:: Ruth Pritchard

The first module of this course has been really wonderful for me, it has opened my mind to a whole new way of thinking. I must say I am applying what I am learning daily as a way of life.
:: Lena Anson-Smith

Thankyou, David, for providing the opportunity to examine myself and to reveal the areas in which I can develop myself further. This course is a blessing and a wonderful pathway to self-discovery. It has enlightened my life and given me purpose and vision. I am forever grateful.
:: Ruth Pritchard

I would like to recommend the Science of Life course as it has literally transformed my life since I started doing the course over 3 years ago. It has helped me in my life immensely, but, has had a huge impact on many other peoples lives. I have been working for approx 2 years in life coaching and counseling and have found that this course has set me apart from so many other counselors whom are my friends who have gone to other courses. Because this course has a spiritual basis and gets to the root of issues rather than dancing around, it has helped me be able to get to the root of clients problems when I see them. This course has been the foundation and the open door to a rewarding career with people.

I thank David Kliese for being a wonderful teacher and adviser for me and I thank the course for being organized, facilitated well and a pleasure to actually complete the assignments.

Kind thanks,
:: Joanne Roche

I look forward to the continuance of the Science Of Life Course. I cannot praise it enough. What you have created is an insight into life and what it really is about. A valuable tool for anyone wishing to develop their potential yet keeping full control of their own decisions and direction. It is a credit to you how it has the ability to unfold a person in the gentlest of manners while giving you courage to look deep inside.
:: Kylie Boshammer

I have found the course notes to be interesting and thought provoking. Thank you for the challenge of looking deep within to find beliefs, thoughts and insights i never thought possible.
:: Gina Slater

I'd also like to tell you how much i'm enjoying doing the course, especially the module on self esteem. It has helped me in so many ways already. I feel now that i'm on the right track and have the tools to transmute my own limiting factors and achieve whatever I set my mind to achieving.
:: Michael Hyde

I was excited to start my studies today. I have already learnt so much and have applied it. It has already made such a difference in my life that it is just fantastic. To get up and say ‘life is great’ is something I had previously forgotten.

Just a note to tell you how grateful I am to you for your encouragement, by helping me to know my self and raise my consciousness. My life now has meaning more than before, I have a purpose and I feel so joyous. . . you have helped one soul to find her way.

‘The benefits of this course are outstanding. The most important to me is the knowing of who I really am and how I can create my life to be all I want it to be.’


'Ignorance segregates - Yet knowledge, awareness and understanding UNITE!' :: David Kliese