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David Kliese Presentations Transformational Presentations
Accelerated Transformational Keynotes, Seminars and Workshops for the Public and Corporations.

"David, You are a veritable mine of motivational gems!"
Bryan Gibson [Masters Degree in Dispute Resolution] Collaborate Australia

Many Topics - ONE Underlying Theme
We are all born with the greatest creative tool on the planet, Our Mind. Virtually all of the problems we encounter are a result of either misusing it or not knowing how to use it effectively.

So if your thoughts are reflections of what you believe, and such thoughts are responsible for your attitude, beliefs, emotions, actions and habits, which in turn affect every aspect of your life, then surely learning how to train the mind to work "for us" is the logical place to start.

David Kliese


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:: Transforming the Fear of Public Speaking
:: Personal empowerment through Mindset Transformation
:: Minimise Stress, Maximise Creativity, Health & Performance
:: Understanding and Activating Your Keys to Wellness
:: Rediscovering & Utilising the Power of Your Authentic Self
:: Developing More Effective Communication
:: Developing & Enhancing Self Esteem & Assertion Skills
:: Practical Metaphysics
:: Accelerated 'Intuitive Development'
:: Accelerated 'Practical Spirituality'
:: Utilising the Power of Self Hypnosis

The first 3 are what I term the Triad of Emotional Intelligence, which forms the basis of a more effective and creative individual or corporate business.
'Comfort and conformity are the inhibitors of someone who wishes to grow' :: David Kliese