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"Man is only considered to be healthy when he is healthy physically,
mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually."
World Health Organisation


  Trinity Transformational Services
is the truly Holistic approach to Personal and Organisational Growth and Change. Science of Life; Professional Qualifications and Self Empowerment Programs etc.


Trinity Academy of Science and Philosophy
  Trinity Academy of Science and Philosophy
is a specialised Educational Institution that offers Holistically Orientated courses and qualifications, which are characterised under the banner of Science of Life
Trinity Healing Centre
  Trinity Healing Centre
is a truly Holistic Healing Centre where we work to create a balance and harmony of a person on three different levels; Mentally, Physically and Spiritually
Transformational Consultations and Presentations
  Transformational Presentations
by David Kliese, in the form of Accelerated Transformational Seminars for public and institutions, Keynotes and Workshops
'Comfort and conformity are the inhibitors of someone who wishes to grow' :: David Kliese