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What most impressed me about David was his authenticity. He speaks from a wealth of personal experience and learned knowledge.
:: Louise Hay

The passion and truth the presenter brought to the seminar was inspirational. The ability to share life experiences and professionalism were a true credit to David.
:: Sean, Teacher
Australian Acting Academy

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Within about a week of taking the treatment you sent, and your advice, Amber's anorexia turned around. It was like night and day. Within no time we noticed a huge difference in her and she began to gain weight and not be worried about it.
:: Anne Johnson

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I simply could not recommend more highly this course - it is First Class in every aspect, as is the Academy. Thank you so much.
:: Kerry Dent M.Sc

Many thanks for excellent support and feedback. The course was of excellent quality.
:: Leanne Allen

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'Ignorance segregates - Yet knowledge, awareness and understanding UNITE!' :: David Kliese