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  A little bit about why David Kliese can benefit you!

... For over 35 years David Kliese has acted as a facilitator of
learning and a catalyst for growth and change in the lives and
careers of thousands of people.

His commitment to an Holistic approach has compelled him to obtain
numerous qualifications and experience in the fields of Training,
Education, Naturopathy, Homoeopathy, Clinical Nutrition, Herbal
Medicine, Metaphysics, Consulting, Holistic Life Coaching and Clinical &
Transpersonal Counselling and Hypnotherapy.

Such study, training and experience with so many before you,
means that David is very well equipped to help you to awaken,
embrace and utilize the powerful creative genius within you!

“David has amazing knowledge and personal experience in his
unique holistic approach. All this, coupled with his special
charisma, means that when he shows you the way to trust
your feelings and to ‘Go for Gold’, you feel empowered to do so.”

Pat Wyllie :: Area Governor Toastmasters
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'There is no enemy to fight, nothing to conquer, only an understanding to embrace' :: David Kliese